An Insight Into Charging the Electronic Cigarette

Couple with vape

Vaping is a more-cost effective and a less harmful alternative to smoking. Leaving aside scepticism, this opinion is almost unanimous among users. The first reason is that vapes minimize emission of harmful smoke. If you have ever used the electronic cigarette, you must have noticed a thinner and inconspicuous smoke. Further, there is a burst of flavours that enthral you whenever the e-water is heated. These electronic cigarettes are quite small and can fit in your hand easily. 

The Cartridge

Cartridges of various sizes are available to buy, and you can buy according to your smoking habit. Electronic cigarettes can also be quite inconspicuous themselves, as they resemble a flash drive. Much like a flash drive, it can be connected to the USB port of your computer. So you can conveniently charge your electronic cigarette while you are completing an assignment on your computer!

The Battery

The electronic cigarettes use a lithium ion battery, which is quite commonly used in most electronic gadgets. The battery in an electronic cigarette is as important as a fire in case of paper cigarettes. Whenever you turn on the vape, the battery is activated. The battery then heats the e-water in the barrel. The water vaporizes, thus giving you a wonderful buzz to savour. However, you must charge your electronic cigarette to ensure that you can vape whenever you want. Forgetting to charge the battery can lead to frustration, which any smoker will realize. 

Tips for Charging the Battery

Let us look at the tips that you might want to follow before you charge the vuse e cig:

  • Buy your vapes from a reliable brand. Remember that you would be smoking it by putting it in your mouth. Thus, you cannot take any chances with it. Do not go for the cheap products for the very same reason. Further, make sure that you buy the charger from the vendor you are buying the vape from. Ideally, the charger should come with the electronic cigarette itself. Enquire with the dealer if that is not the case. Charging with an unauthorized charger makes any damages caused to the electronic cigarette null and void. In other words, you will not be able to claim any compensation for any damage caused to the device while charging.
  • For the same reason, do not interchange the chargers that belong to specific electronic cigarettes while you charge the vuse e cig. Even assuming you have bought good quality chargers, devices are often not compatible with just any charger.
  • Try to test the quality of the charger before you buy it. Often, electronic cigarettes come with a voltage and current limit. If this limit is exceeded it might cause the electronic cigarettes to overheat. There have been reports of cigarettes bursting from excessive heating. Please be careful.
  • Do not leave your electronic cigarettes in the charging port overnight. You might think that this is a trivial matter, but it has consequences. Overcharging might reduce the battery life of the electronic cigarettes. 


Now that you are aware of the perils of incorrect charging, you should be careful. There are many advantages of switching to electronic cigarettes. However, it all depends on the amount of care that you put in maintaining the shape of the gadget. If you are optimally careful, then only you can reap the fruits that electronic cigarettes have to offer. We hope that once you have read this guide, you will know how to maintain electronic cigarettes. Smoke responsibly and do not let the habit overpower you. Congratulations for having switched to a better alternative to smoking. 

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